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    Unfortunately I found out today that a missing Moderator (TRom) Thomas Roman passed away back on July 4 2017.

    I noticed someone talking on our FB page about his pedals from France and I reached out looking for him.

    Unfortunately the news was not good.

    It was aggressive and fast which would explain why he seemed to just disappear not unlike our other missing friend Tonmann. At any rate this does explain a lot as I seem to lose touch with two very close friends around the same time. I still cannot confirm Tonmann.

    You may remember TRom’s beginner build guide from the Guides Page here:

    Beginners Pedal Building Guide

    and here are a few of his builds which I am certain you will recognize.








    Thanks for reading.





    Let’s add Ol’ Eagle Eye Pete Vig to that list. I believe you still have some of his builds that are mounted on cardboard.  R.I.P.


    Pete V has his own thread.


    Nice builds, a sad loss.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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