Site, Legal, and Shipping FAQ:

We take your privacy seriously and personal data will not be used to process your order. We only use PayPal direct for this reason. Therefore you will not be getting additional emails beyond a PayPal purchase confirmation and additionally a PayPal confirmation will be sent when your order ships. Orders typically ship within 3-5 business days. Please allow more time for orders during sale periods. I work hard to get your order shipped ASAP but I am not Amazon.

International Orders are only shipped once per week. You also have the option to purchase GuitarPCB products direct from Das Musikding in Germany or PedalpartsAustralia.

Again this is all for your protection. We are a small company and despite that we still get hundreds of hacking attacks on a daily basis. While GuitarPCB does have excellent encryption even the biggest companies get hacked ultimately releasing your important personal information to whomever. This means your private information is at risk. This is why we only use PayPal.

Disclaimer A1: GuitarPCB™ makes no promises or guarantees that you will successfully complete your pedal in a satisfactory manner. GuitarPCB™ does not promise or guarantee that any technical support you may receive will be able to resolve any or all issues you may be experiencing. As should be expected there are no refunds or exchanges.

Disclaimer A2: If you have a build issue we are glad to help you troubleshoot on our forum only. Please provide clear pictures showing both sides of the board and wiring, voltage readings of all Transistors and IC Chips and a description of the problem and all steps taken to solve it.

Disclaimer A3: Our circuits are not to be misrepresented as a “clone” of any circuit and it is against GuitarPCB™ policy to directly misrepresent in any way to any other pedal commercial or otherwise. That said we have no issue with selling your pedal builds to others as long as you do not advertise it as a “CLONE” of a commercial product to increase sales.

Disclaimer A4: Each and every project has been gone over and verified to be a Unique Design. They are all 100% verified.

All material presented on™ is exclusively for private use however we are fine with sales of finished products as long as they are not misrepresented as clones of commercially available products. If you download or save material from this website for the purpose of creating the projects described within it remains the property of GuitarPCB™ and is not to be published elsewhere.

Schematic drawings and physical layouts are copyrighted by the creator of the drawing or layout. You are permitted to retain local copies of files presented on™, but re-transmission, and republication of said files is expressly forbidden.

All of the information presented on this website is presented with the implicit understanding that no outstanding copyrights or patents are being violated. When an original manufacturer’s name or trademark is presented, it remains the property of the current owner (if any), and no connection between™ and said manufacturer is implied.™ respects the intellectual property rights of others and expects users of the Service to do the same. Please contact™ for notice of claims of copyright infringement, who can be reached through the Contact Form in the Main Menu Bar at the top of every page. You must provide our agent and legal team with the following information:

    1. Identification of the material that is claimed to be infringing or to be the subject of infringing activity and that is to be removed or access to which is to be disabled, and information reasonably sufficient to permit the service provider to locate the material.
    2. Information reasonably sufficient to permit the service provider to contact the complaining party, such as an address, telephone number, and, if available, an electronic mail address at which the complaining party may be contacted.

Forum Behavior

Family friendly environment – It is OK to ask questions. No bad language, flaming or abusing your posting privilege! No discussion regarding the cloning of commercially available pedals. No spamming, porn, advertising or any other inappropriate forum behavior. No use of avatars, videos or photos that could be considered offensive to others in our forum. Membership implies agreement to the rules set forth here. Users who disregard the rules may be banned.


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Suspension and Termination of Access and Membership

You agree that™ may at any time, and without notice, suspend or terminate any part of the Service, or refuse to fulfill any order, or any part of any order or terminate your membership and delete any Content stored on the™ Site, in’s sole discretion, if you fail to comply with the Terms or applicable law.

By purchasing or becoming a Member of this Forum you hereby Agree to these terms.™ reserves the right to choose its Members and Customers.

… and a final FAQ:

Are these Circuit Boards Clones?

  1. We have a team of Engineers, Designers and Legal who design and approve artistically unique board layouts while making sure that whenever a project may be similar to a known circuit it has been modified from its original version in a meaningful way making the project better. This is what I believe sets us apart from the rest.
  2. We are in no way affiliated with or should be misrepresented with any commercially available pedal.
  3. Anyone discovered selling constructed Pedals as “CLONES” of name brand companies will not be tolerated and banned from the site.

Are these Circuit Projects Legal?

  1. Circuits themselves are not copyrighted.
  2. Names, logos and artwork (including PCB layouts) can be trademarked and copyrighted.
  3. Circuits can be patented, although the vast majority of guitar effects do not utilize patented circuits.
  4. It is completely legal to build your own versions of any of these circuits for personal use or to sell while observing our policy above.™ includes an expert team of experienced and qualified individuals which spend many weeks or months in most cases planning projects thoroughly which begin by creating a Unique Artistic Layout for every project board we sell. We also have an engineer team that will proceed to modify and create an enhanced, electronically unique circuit as well which we believe will improve the circuit. Mods and enhancements are our thing while making a circuit that is affordable to build with common components that through scaling will achieve the proper results desired.

Some examples of things we look for in a project are ways to remove useless components, component values, change tonal characteristics, clipping characteristics, increasing or decreasing available Treble or Bass Response, adding mods, removing or replacing a buffer with a better one and so on. The ultimate result is to develop an easier to build project that will yield similar or better results than what it may have been based on. Often we include modifications for the buyer to experiment within the build documents.

General Domestic Shipping Rules

Updated shipping policy for orders after 6/20/2018. Normal shipping times are 3 Business Days upon receipt of order.

This may be extended during heavy sales and promotion periods, please read entire FAQ and Shipping Policy.

We are not a “Pay For Service” like Amazon but we do try our best to ship fast.

Business Days are Monday to Friday.

(Please Check your Junk Mail Folders). I always respond to emails if I receive them! Do not file PayPal Disputes without giving me a chance to properly respond. Shipping delays are rare, but do happen. I am not the USPS but I will try to help.

International Shipping Policy:

International orders are mailed once per week. Business days are Monday through Friday.

The reason for this is because of customs and long wait times at the Postal Center. I cannot make that trip on a daily basis.

USPS – 1st Class starts at $6.95 depending on destination, a customs number can be provided for proof of shipping & delivery.

Wire, Pot Caps & PCB Secure Mounts are no longer available Internationally due to new width and weight restrictions.

Any packages over 3/4″ thick requires “Package Rates” which starts at $9 and up. Here is what happens if the envelop exceeds 3/4″ thickness when I try to ship 1st class to Canada: They want another $4.48 on top of $6.95. This is not affordable for either party.

*Disclaimer – International Shipping & Handling will default to USPS 1st Class  and can take anywhere from a typical (6 to 9 days) – to up to 2 weeks depending on  your countries Customs. An appropriate amount of time must be given. GuitarPCB is not responsible for stolen mail.

GuitarPCB Authorized International Resellers: Saves Time, Fees and you get the same great quality since I ship product to them.

Das Musikding in Germany is now offering (65+) individual boards, as well as (60) available Kits! Great opportunity for our European customers.

PedalPartsAustralia is our authorized board and mini kit dealer for Australia saving time and shipping.

* GuitarPCB USA Sales are exclusive to direct orders only.

Always contact me first if a package is over the warranted time frame.

I always respond to emails as long as you receive my replies.

GuitarPCB is not responsible for Postal Errors, Customs Delays or Stolen Packages or COVID19 delays.

Contact USPS Customer Service for any assistance on missing or late packages. See their website:

Contacting Me directly is a simple courtesy that I expect if there is a problem or delay.

There are no Returns for Cash.

I will do a Return in Trade for the same or another Board of Equal Value. The Postage will be the Purchasers responsibility as well as any fees that may be related.