(*Super Deal*) Tube Screaming Ultra – New v4 – Best Tube Screamer PCB


The Tube Screamer Ultra is the best Tube Screamer PCB with many unique options.

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You will find no better Tube Screamer PCB featuring multiple unique builds and Ultra flexible switching. That is why it is known as the Tube Screaming Ultra.

Build any of these four unique variants. Landgraff Dynamic Overdrive, Robin Trower Style Drive, Classic Ibanez TS808 Style Drive or No Buffer Option.

Our circuit includes an On/Off/On clipping switch SW1 to add Ultra flexibility by offering LED Clipping as well as Stock Diode and pure Opamp clipping which enhances each build while always retaining their stock options.


Own a monster boutique pedal for pennies on the dollar as fast as you can build it.

Tube Screaming Ultra v4 2021 Build Document

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