*Super Tone TwEQ Active EQ w/ Sweep-able Mids


Super Tone TwEQ Active EQ w/ Sweep-able Mids

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For years, the DIY PEDAL world has embraced the Tone TwEQ as the go-to solution for better equalization.  The days of a simple, single knob, tone control is fading fast.  Now, GuitarPCB answers the calls for the next step in EQ. The Super Tone TwEQ.

This could also be the most versatile Boost you have ever used!

While we will always have the original  Tone TwEQ available for its small size and ability to insert into enclosures with other circuits we are excited to announce this new Super Enhanced version which features:

  • Improved BASS and TREBLE filter designs.

  • Sweep-able MID Frequency band-pass filter using a dual gang potentiometer.

  • Dual rail power supply for greater headroom.

  • Board mounted pots for simplified construction.

Super Tone TwEQ Build Document

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