Super Drive 70’s Combo – Excellent 3 circuit combo


Not only is this an excellent starter “Combo Build” but a fantastic all in one pedal that fits easily in a 1590DD that can be slipped into a Gig Bag and taken anywhere so you can sound fantastic on any rig. The best of Fuzz, Overdrive and Boost in a stellar “Combo Build” design.

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Recreate tones produced by Jimmy Page, the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Eric Johnson, all from one box. This board provides the best variety of playable sounds from the 70s and beyond.

In the early ’70s, fuzz was king. The smooth fuzz portion requires easy-to-find transistors and requires no biasing. The dynamics can be controlled by pick attack and using the guitar’s volume control. The overdrive section of this pedal provides a warm tube crunch. The Boost section is our Stage 3 Booster which is the circuit that started it all for GuitarPCB 10 years ago and will provide clean, usable Boost, especially for those long cable runs. Best yet, you can mix the sounds of the overdrive, fuzz, and booster in any number of combinations.

This PCB requires hand-wired potentiometers which allows freedom of knob placement within the enclosure.

Super Drive 70’s Updated 2020 Build Document

Sound Demo


Demo showing details of my daughter’s build including gut shot.

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