Sriracha Fuzz – Blazing Hot Sustaining Fuzz


Sriracha Fuzz – Blazing Hot Fuzz – The Best Hot Silicon Fuzz PCB!

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A Spicy Hot Sustaining Fuzz that is as easy to build (no biasing required) as it is to play with long sustain with lots of tonal variations.  This circuit has a compressed, deep effect with absolutely amazing sustain throughout the fret board.  The tone control in tandem with the fat switch was specifically designed to allow sounds ranging from warm mellow fuzz, to 70’s style mid scoop to a bright fuzz that cuts through the mix.

  • It always sounds great! Add an Emerald Ring Octave up and get even more amazing tones.
  • This is also an excellent beginner Fuzz build since you do not need to bias the transistors.
  • Super High Gain is available but also really cleans up nice with Guitar Volume!
  • Transistors usually available in our shop.

Sriracha Fuzz Build Document

Demo 1

Demo 2

Phase: Inverting

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