(clearance) Sabotage Drive v2 – Best PCB for Sabbath Style Tone


The Sabotage is the best PCB for Sabbath style tone.

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This version requires you to reverse the orientation of (2) electrolytic capacitors compared to the board silkscreen. These two would be C8 and C12. Everything works fantastic! Get an amazing circuit at a more amazing price while they last.

The Sabotage PCB is based on the Catalinbread circuit but with a few tweaks. Controls are Gain, Presence, and Volume for different amounts of crunch as you would expect from a Laney™ style rig and perhaps most importantly for tone shaping is the inclusion of the Range knob that provides an amazing diversity of heavier tones. The Range control is variable to match whatever range tone you seek (Classic Treble Boost, Treble w/ Mids, Full Range w/ Tight Bottom, or Full Range Heavy Lows).

Sabotage Drive Build Document

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