Plexi-Plus – The Best Plexi Plus Style PCB


The best Plexi Plus style circuit available. This PCB recreates amazing Plexi style tone at any volume level.

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What makes the Plexi-Plus so exciting compared to other circuits?

  • Individual JFET gain stages to create the ultimate variety in a distortion pedal.
  • Plexi Owners to use a patch cable to connect 2 inputs together. Same here.
  • Plexi-Plus uses two stages in parallel, one for the bright channel, and one for the fat tone of a full stack.
  • Easily dial in Hendrix, Zeppelin, AC/DC & more. Even plug in a bass and it’s Bass Ready.
  • Add a Tone TwEQ in series inside the same enclosure for a fully adjustable amp style circuit.

An enhanced version of the Marvel circuit. Our resident circuit gurus Chris and Wilkie1 spent a great deal of time testing and tweaking this circuit. There was much about the original we liked but took liberties in removing any fizziness & hiss associated with the original circuit when cranked. We now feel it sounds completely natural sounding at any level.

Plexi Plus Build Document

Phase: Inverted

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