P.U.T.B. – The Best Tonebender PCB available


The Best Tonebender PCB with a Modern Twist. Works with other negative-ground pedals.

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This is the Classic Tonebender with a modern twist. Pump’d Up means you can use this circuit with other negative-ground pedals. Since the power section has no effect on the Audio Path, utilizing a Charge Pump to invert to a modern negative ground circuit will not affect the tone of an original Tonebender. This will allow you to daisy chain or use it in a combo build.

Because many old PNP fuzz pedals tend to be positive-ground circuits, they must have a separate power supply from the rest of your effects in a chain. To overcome this limitation, a charge pump chip has been integrated to invert the power to a negative ground circuit allowing it to be powered by the same source as all of your other effects with ZERO effect on tone!

PUTB Pump’d Up ToneBender Build Document

See video below demonstrating three of our popular Pump’d Up circuits with PUTB at the end.

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