*NostalgiTone “Singles” VIBE


(New) NostalgiTone Vibe

Included with each PCB purchase. – (1) Mainboard, (1) wiring board, and (1) ribbon cable.

Limited Edition Purple




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Note: This is a 4-layer PCB so it costs a bit more.

Are you ready to elevate your game? The NostalgiTone Vibe is here to give you the ultimate sonic experience.

The Vibe: Experience the lush, syrupy tones reminiscent of the original Uni-vibe circuits. Boasting four controls – Intensity, Rate, Volume, and Voice – this circuit allows for precise sound customization. Finding your ideal tone is effortless. A four-layer PCB was utilized to fit this circuit into a 1590B enclosure. The resistor spacing was adjusted to utilize flat-laying 1/8-watt resistors or standing 1/4-watt resistors.

  • Easy Wiring: No more daunting wiring hassles! Say hello to beauty under the hood. Enjoy all-analog tones with modern features that will slip into your gig bag, ensuring you are always ready to unleash your musical magic.
  • Available Components: We recognize the hurdles of component availability. Rest assured, we’ve carefully selected components for the NostalgiTone series currently available from today’s popular vendors.

Do not settle for the ordinary when you can have extraordinary. Elevate your tone with the NostalgiTone series singles from GuitarPCB. Get yours today and discover a world of sonic possibilities like never before!

Mainboard Dimensions – 2.10” x 2.12” – Perfectly sized for a 1590B or 125B enclosures.

Included with each PCB purchase. – (1) Mainboard, (1) wiring board, and (1) ribbon cable.

All “NostagiTone Series” purchases will pave the way for my new and upcoming releases.

Video Demo below from the Voodoo Redux session.

NostalgiTone Vibe Build Document

Do not forget your LDR-LFO sets.

Order a drilled enclosure from Tayda (registration required)


Courtesy Artwork PNG suitable for Decals.

Courtesy 1590B Art PDF for Tayda submission.

Courtesy SVG file for Inkscape editing (zipped).

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