* NostalgiTone 70’s Combo PCB set


The NostalgiTone 70s Edition combo PCB set.

Included with the PCB purchase. – (1) Mainboard, (3) wiring boards, and (3) ribbon cables.


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Are you ready to elevate your game? The NostalgiTone 70s combo is here to give you the ultimate sonic experience. We have combined the best of the best, squeezing three incredible circuits into a genre-defining combo.

  • Boost: The Rangemaster was a cornerstone of many ’70s rock sounds including guitar legends like Tony Iommi, Marc Bolan, and Brian May, as well as the pioneers of N.W.O.B.H.M. like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. Our Boost circuit goes beyond, merging the standard output Volume control with our Range control, from classic treble-boost tone to full range or any sweet spot in between. Plus, the Heat control gives you mastery over gain level saturation, flexibility the original lacked with its fixed maximum gain. It is now your turn to redefine classic rock tones.
  • Tweed: Unleash the authentic tones of the legendary Tweed 5E3 amp like never before. Equipped with adjustable internal trimmers and a versatile Hi/Lo switch, achieve it all—from powerful clean tones in Lo mode to fiery, Neil Young-worthy gain in Hi mode. Seamlessly pair Tweed with the Boost for an unprecedented sonic journey.
  • British: Unlock genuine British tones effortlessly with our newest creation—an essential tool for your authentic sonic quest. With a complete Marshall-style tone stack and the versatile Boost, achieving those iconic British tones becomes second nature. This dynamic duo offers an array of tonal options, seamlessly transitioning from early Plexi-style tones to the revered 800 sound. Dive into an unparalleled sonic realm and sculpt your signature sound with ease.

Easy Wiring: No more daunting wiring hassles! Say hello to beauty under the hood. Enjoy all-analog tones with modern features that will slip into your gig bag, ensuring you are always ready to unleash your musical magic.

Available Components: We recognize the hurdles of component availability. Rest assured, we’ve carefully selected components for the NostalgiaTone series that are currently available from today’s popular vendors.

Do not settle for the ordinary when you can have extraordinary. Elevate your tone with the NostalgiTone series

Mainboard Dimensions – 6.90” x 2.40” – Perfectly sized for a 1590DD enclosure

Included with the PCB purchase. – (1) Mainboard, (3) wiring boards, and (3) ribbon cables.

All “NostagiTone Series” purchases will pave the way for my new and upcoming releases. 

If you like this idea, then purchase to support more genre and artist-specific combo PCBs soon.

Standard Demo:


Does it Doom?


Does it Tweed?


Does it Judas Priest?

NostalgiTone 70s Build Document

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