NostalgiTone Finished Pedal 60s version


The NostalgiTone 60s Finished Pedal.

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This is a finished pedal with UV print and beautiful 1590DD painted enclosure.

USA domestic only (If you want the DIY PCB – Click Here)

Are you ready to elevate your game? The NostalgiTone 60s Edition combo is here to give you the ultimate sonic experience. We have combined the best of the best, squeezing three incredible circuits into a genre-defining combo. It features expert mods like Fuzz / Overdrive order-switching and a switchable 3-circuit tone enhancer.

Overdrive: Step back in time to an era when iconic guitar tones ruled the stage. Representative of the tones used by Cream, Alvin Lee, Stones, and Jimi Hendrix, you too can capture that sweet, creamy crunch reminiscent of the legendary guitar sounds of the 1960s.

Fuzz: Dive into the lush, velvety fuzz tones reminiscent of the legendary vintage Fuzz Face. Our design integrates attainable NPN silicon transistors to bolster stability, guaranteeing that you capture that iconic tone and enjoy unwavering performance. Plus, with the convenience of an onboard trimmer, you can fine-tune your fuzz experience, from smooth, flowing tones to edgier, more gated textures.

Tremolo: The Tremolo is a vital addition to the 60’s tone, infusing your guitar tone with captivating pulsing waves. But that is not everything. Thanks to the onboard toggle “kill” switch, you can deactivate the tremolo pulse while keeping the tone-enhancing portion of the circuit intact. This gives you the purest tone from all three circuits directly to your amplifier, granting you complete mastery over your sound, and resulting in impeccably crisp and crystal-clear notes. Additionally, using the Volume control in tandem with the foot-switch you can Boost your solos or just dial in a compressed always-on tone.

Onboard Order Switcher: Want to switch up your sound? Our onboard order switcher lets you change the sequence between Overdrive and Fuzz, so you can create your unique sonic signature.

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