(*New*) GuitarPCB Test Rig


GuitarPCB Test Rig—a meticulously designed and feature-rich PCB

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Initiate your testing setup seamlessly with the GuitarPCB Test Rig—a meticulously designed and feature-rich PCB. Explore designated positions for an onboard DC power jack, 3PDT foot switch activation, SAG control, and an efficient 4-way speaker terminal, streamlining your circuit connections with technical precision.

The handy SAG control allows you to hear what a circuit sounds like with a starving battery among other applications.

Mount your populated test rig PCB to a wood block or marble block if you want some weight so it sets on your amp or cabinet while testing. It is also beneficial to glue a piece of hard foam to your block so you have a place to put transistors, capacitors, and IC chips as well as providing a cushioned spot for your PCB to be tested on. The best way to make sure everything is perfect before installing the PCB in your enclosure!

Test Rig Build Document

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