MoRC v4 2020 – The New Modified Ross – uses LM13700


The MoRC is based on the vintage Ross Compressor  and is also similar to the vintage Dynacomp™ as well but once again enhanced for sonic clarity that will Sustain for days but keenly modified to not alter your tone. MoRC stands for Modified Ross Compressor.

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This is a Modified Ross Compressor. This is based on vintage designs but with improved Treble Response that was sometimes a complaint of the vintage circuit.  While very transparent at lower settings (great for Gilmour solos) it can also get nice and squashy when you turn it up for the Classic Country licks or Southern Rock. Thanks to some great ideas from the likes of R.G. Keen and now redesigned to work with the excellent LM13700 chip this classic circuit is ready for modern day pedal boards. Sonic clarity with long Sustain modified to not alter your tone.

MoRC Build Document v2020 & v3.

MoRC Video Demo

Video shows how easy it is to set the Trimmer for a perfect working MoRC

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