MKC – Modified Klon Circuit – with Fat Boost and Ultra Drive Mods


MKC is the best Modified Klon PCB board available with Fat Boost and Ultra Drive Mods.

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The original Klon uses a “dual gang” Gain potentiometer, essentially two potentiometers with one controlling the “Dirt” side and the other controlling the “Clean” side simultaneously. The problem is there is no way to “Blend” in the amount of “Clean” signal you would actually like. With our MKC3 you can do this in one of two ways. (1). You can hookup two potentiometers side by side for individual operation. (2). Use a Trimmer for the “Clean” or Gain 2 and set it where you like it the best and leave it. With this method you can roll off all the “Clean” for a Dirty Klon or add “Full Clean” for a maximum Clean Klon you would never be able to achieve with a standard Klon circuit.

  • For even more versatility we also have included a Bass Boost option that adds in a Capacitor to allow more Bass frequency to pass through. Now you can go “stock” or use the switch for extra bottom anytime.
  • Finally, we have listed instructions for our “Ultra Gain Mod” which allows you to put two resistors at R15 on a DPDT switch for “Stock” or “Ultra Gain Mode”. Other commercial Klon style pedals have also used this mod like the Oxblood.

You may always build the entire circuit “stock” but we think you will want to build a better Klon and make it yours!

MKC v3 Build Document

Customer made Demo:

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