MKC v4 – Modified Klon Circuit – with Fat Boost and Ultra Drive Mods


MKC is the best Modified Klon Circuit PCB available with Fat Boost and Ultra Drive Mods.

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Our MKC v4 allows you to build a stock Klon style circuit. For an even more versatile build we also allow you to make these individual controls. One for Dirt and the other for Clean as opposed to being forced to use them together. For even more versatility we also have included a Bass Boost option and our “Ultra Gain Mod”.

This PCB requires hand-wired potentiometers that offer freedom of knob placement in the enclosure.

  • The Bass Boost option adds a Capacitor to allow more Bass frequency to pass through. Now you can go “stock” or use the switch for extra bottom and Bass Guitar.
  • Our “Ultra Gain Mod” allows you to switch between “Stock” and “Ultra Gain Mode”. Other commercial Klon style pedals have also used this mod.

You may always build the entire circuit “stock” but we think you will want to build a better Klon and make it yours!

MKC v4 2021 Build Document

Customer made Demo:

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