*Germanium Transistor PNP N.O.S. – hFE 225 – 350 – High


Germanium Transistor N.O.S. PNP for Fuzz Projects


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Genuine Germanium Transistor N.O.S. PNP. – USA only due to package thickness rules.

Germanium transistors are very scarce and my source is extremely limited. These “high gain” hFE transistors sound great and have extremely low to no leakage. Each one is hand tested and the hFE will be written on each transistor package. These will work great in our Rangemaster (PURP), Fuzz Face (PUFF), Tonebender (PUTB), Fuzzy Bee, Industrial Fuzz and many others.

I have personally hand tested and individually marked each package using professional grade equipment.

These transistors will have an hFE rating between 225 and 350. Excellent N.O.S. condition.

Note: The Fuzz Face was built with many transistor types throughout the 60’s and 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. There were several versions with the BC108C and BC109C. These were High Gain Silicon devices measuring 500 hFE. The JH2 from Dunlop used the MPSA18, with a typical gain of 900. Now you can get High Gain Germanium transistors and enjoy all the benefits of High Gain with real Germanium transistors.

You will be sent transistors picked at random from my lot box. I am not accepting requests. This is an incredible find at an incredible price!

Transistor brand and type will vary based on my personal supply (typically 2N404, 2N1303, 2N1305, 2N1309 or similar).

No Leakage above 0.20!

**Audio Demo** below shows these exact higher gain PNP Silicon Transistors in our PUFF circuit.

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