D9E Germanium Diode – NOS – (1) Piece


Genuine Hand Tested D9E Germanium Diode

In stock


These are 100% hand tested N.O.S. Diodes. Vf=.40 to .46

Use these for our MKC, SWAH, G-02 and other PCBs requiring genuine Germanium.

Note: Anode and Cathode are opposite from USA diodes like 1N34A

Russian Diodes – The stripe side equals Anode. – Nice heavy glass is shatter resistant.

Each Diode is measured with a Peak Atlas DCA55 and then re measured after applying the heat test as seen in the video below so you can be sure that you are getting a 100% functional and authentic Germanium Diode pair for your build. The diodes are top quality with firm leads and glass so as not to chip or break.

Since each diode is individually hand tested any diode not passing the heat test is discarded . Some Diodes are no longer functional due to age and I have weeded these out for you!

You will receive a perfectly working, real NOS Germanium Diode!

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