Easy Order Switching PCB – 4PDT Foot switch w/On-board LED v2022


A small order switching PCB allowing you to change the order of two circuits, within a single enclosure.

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New v2022 order switching PCB features slotted foot switch pads for quick soldering.

A very small switching circuit that allows you to change the order of two circuits, within a single enclosure that also includes pads for an on-board Bi-color or Standard LED for easy order indication.

Board Dimensions only (W x H) 1.43” x 1.13” ca. 36.2 mm x 28.6mm

Switching is achieved via a standard (affordable) 4PDT On-On Solder Lug toggle switch .

There are many uses for the Easy Order Switching board.

For example:

  1. Switch the order of the overdrive circuits and use in tandem!

  2. Set the Boost to follow the Overdrive or cascade into it.

  3. With a Boost following an Overdrive you get an increase in Volume.

  4. With a Boost preceding the Overdrive you get an increase in Distortion!

Starting to see the potential? Make your build stand out in the crowd and go boutique.

You are only limited by your imagination.

We also carry a 3PDT Toggle Switch version with no on-board LED circuitry.

Easy Order Switching Board – 4PDT Footswitch/LED Build Document

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