(Special) DPDT Wiring Board = 100’s of Mod options.


The best mod board for your DPDT switch. Adding it to a 3PDT gives you an LED row!

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A Mod board for your DPDT switch!

The DPDT Wiring Board = 100’s of Mod options.

Price includes (1) wiring board (switch available separately).


  1. Mounts conveniently on an affordable DPDT Solder Lug switch.
  2. Mounts to a 3PDT switch leaving Lug row for adding an LED
  3. Add Trimmers or other components to either side of the board.
  4. Reusable – Use 2.54 standard pitch SIL sockets to create a reusable testing board.
  5. Change components without damaging the board or expensive switches.
  6. Easily add as many Sockets as you like.
  7. Makes wiring components to a switch simple, fast and professional looking.
  8. Excellent as a Test Switch for determining values before committing.
  9. They’re small and will fit into tight places easily and neatly.
  10. How about any number of Guitar Mods that will fit easily under the hood?