IC Charge Pump TC7660SEPA Best choice for guitar pedals


Charge Pump 7660S Brand is your best choice in Guitar Pedals.

It reverses polarity so using “Vintage Germanium PNP” circuits with a negative ground pedal board is not an issue and since it has no effect on the Audio Path it will not affect your “Vintage Tone”.

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Charge Pump TC7660SEPA

This highest quality (S) brand is your best choice for Guitar Pedals.

It reverses the polarity so you can use “Vintage Germanium PNP” circuits with your Negative ground pedal board and since this has no effect on the Audio Path likewise it will not affect your “Vintage Tone”.

Perfect for our very own “Pump’d Up” board line:

  1. P.U.F.F. – (Fuzz Face)
  2. P.U.R.P. – (Rangemaster Plus)
  3. P.U.T.B. – (Tone Bender)
  4. Fuzzy Bee – (Fuzz-rite)

The 7660S/1044 pin layout and a frequency-boost feature which increases the oscillator from the default 10kHz up to 35-45kHz to avoid any audible whine. While all 1044 chips seem to have the boost feature the 7660S chips, with the ā€œSā€ designation after the number indicates that it has the frequency boost feature will not produce an audible whine which is very important.

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