Buff N Blend – Add a Blend Control to any circuit like the Pro’s


Add a Blend Control with Buff N Blend just like the Pro’s.

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Add a Blend Control just like the Pro’s.

Here are a few reasons the Buff N Blend can give your builds Tonal Superiority.

  • Great definition and thickness
  • More complexity to your final mix
  • Add more amp like tones to thinner sounding pedals
  • By never fully clipping your waveform you can now stack multiple pedals
  • By blending and stacking, create huge sounding riffs simulating two separate amps
  • Great for solo guitarists by filling out your sound with complex tones
  • Bass guitarists can add more bottom end back into the mix making favorite pedals more Bass friendly
  • Join the ranks of leading builders who are now adding a Blend Control to the latest pedals

Modulation: In regards to modulation, did you ever have a Phaser, Flanger, Delay or Chorus that was either too dominant or brittle sounding? Now you can add any degree of clean tone by blending in the natural warmth of your amplifier. You can even subdue an over active circuit with just a twist of a knob!

Buff N Blend Build Document

Guitar Demo:

Bass Demo: