Buff N Blend v2 – Add a Buffer and Blend Control


Add a Blend Control t o any circuit with our Buff N Blend just like the Pro’s.

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Add a Blend Control to any circuit just like the Pro’s.

Add tonal superiority to your guitar pedal builds with our Buff N Blend circuit. Join the ranks of professional builders everywhere by adding a variable blend to your tone.

  • Improves the definition and complexity of your tone.
  • Create huge sounding riffs simulating two separate amp tones at the same time.
  • Bass guitarists can add more bottom end into their mix making all their favorite pedals Bass friendly.
  • Blend in the natural warmth of your amplifier.
  • The Buffer extends your tone over long cable lengths and multiple pedals.
  • Fits in the same space as your On/Off 3PDT foot switch and includes circuit protection.

Now upgraded with 3PDT switch slots, extra +9v pads and circuit protection.

Buff N Blend v2 2021 Build Document

Guitar Demo:

Bass Demo:

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