Bonamassa N.O.S. Germanium Fuzz Face Set (Very Limited)


Bonamassa style NOS Germanium Fuzz Face Set.

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Now shipping to USA, Canada & Europe

Bonamassa style NOS Germanium Fuzz Face set. – (hFE ranges have been carefully matched and sound fantastic.) Each set will have measurements printed on the bags. These are similar to Russian transistors used by Dunlop.

All transistors are painstakingly tested for gain and leakage using a Pro Atlas DCA55 test unit.

You will receive the following set:

Q1: IT308v or P416B (PNP) with hFE (50-74)

Q2: IT308v or P416B (PNP) with hFE (75-95)

All zero leakage!

Perfect for lower gain versions of these GuitarPCB projects :
P.U.F.F. – Pump’d Up Fuzz Face
Fuzzy Bee – Pump’d Up Buzzaround
Industrial Fuzz – Fuzz Factory Style Fuzz

This set will get you some heavy Fuzz but also cleans up nicely with Guitar volume.

Video Demo below shows how great these transistors sound.

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