Blues Buster – The Best Marshall Bluesbreaker circuit


The Best Bluesbreaker circuit PCB!

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As the name implies it replicates tones found in the classic pedal based on the classic Marshall amplifier Bluesbreaker.

In typical GuitarPCB fashion it also does a whole lot more now.

  • Clipping options all Distinctive & Level Matched
  • On-Board Treble Trimmer to suit any rig
  • A/B Pads added for your Modding pleasure
  • Add an After Blaster Gain Stage for the Morning Glory Style Mod
  • Create other known Boutique Combos

With the drive rolled down, you’ll get a sweet transparent gain boost. As you turn up the drive, the effect transitions smoothly from a clean boost to a dirty boost to overdrive. With our Treble Trimmer dial in any Guitar/Amp package so it is perfect with Humbuckers, Single Coils or P90’s. We have taken the original design to a whole new level.

Blues Buster Build Document

Phase: Inverted