Afterblaster v2 Add an extra gain stage to any circuit.


Add a Gain Stage to any circuit using the Afterblaster for more available tone. Build like a pro.

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The Afterblaster provides several key functions. Add a switchable clean Gain Stage to any circuit in the same space as your Bypass foot-switch. The Gain Stage is in series “After” the main circuit board giving you the best sound enhancement without coloring your main circuit tone. Additionally, the Afterblaster is a quality Buffer and adds more control over the main circuits overall volume.

  • New for 2021 we have added a Bias Trimmer and extra +9v and Ground pads.
  • Add Volume to circuits that lack enough Volume Control.
  • Add a gain stage to Overdrive and Distortion pedals for extra available TONE!
  • Mod the Blues Buster (Bluesbreaker) board or any other circuits for that Morning Glory style enhancement.

This “Mod” works great for almost any circuit! Since the After-blaster incorporates the On/Off status foot-switch it does not take up any additional room inside the pedal.

Afterblaster Build Document

Phase: Inverted

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