3PDT Vari-Brite w/ LED Dimmer


Our famous 3PDT Vari-Brite board features an on-board LED dimmer.

All the features of the original wiring board now with a dimmer feature and same low profile.

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New 2021 3PDT Vari-Brite foot-switch wiring boards are ready! A great way to make sure your LED Brightness is exactly what you want it to be. If you change your mind it is simple to adjust. Especially useful in combos. Extra +9v and Ground Pads for adding on additional circuits!

Tiny footprint only 1.16″ x .93″


3PDT Vari-Brite™ Build Document

3PDT Vari-Brite

You will need a 2k – 5k Trim Pot and a 1k8 – 2k C.L.R. (current limiting resistor) and you are ready to build.

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