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    How about something completely different. Available now in our SHOP.

    Many circuits use J201 JFETs.
    Sadly the TO-92 package are out of production, and many of those that can be found online from China sources are so far out of specification that they do not work. Additionally testing shows wildly different specs regarding tolerance.

    GuitarPCB is offering professional “Factory Soldered” conversion board (5-Packs) using SMD transistors that are current production and the tolerances are extremely consistent for the absolute best transistor match for all your J201 projects. You get (5) Factory Soldered SMT chips onto (5) low profile boards as well as (5) quality Gold Pin Headers.

    SMD 5-pack

    Limited Super Discounted Price so there is no reason to not give these a try.

    Just solder our included Gold Pin Headers to the pads of the converter board and you’re good to go.

    Factory soldered and 100% tested.

    SMD Layout

    Need more help? Click the Data Document Below!

    J201 Converter Board Data Document

    Why purchase a SMD for your projects?

    • Tight Tolerance – SMD JFETs consistently meet specs for the most important part of your build
    • Factory Tested and Guaranteed
    • The precarious solder work is done for you without worries of failure due to heat or other considerations.
    • The biggest advantage of SMT or Surface Mount Tech is that the specifications are consistent in regards to tolerance (or difference) between components far superior to the old TO-92 package. As a result our SMD Converter Board a.k.a. Sufrace Mount Device are clearly the best choice.

    *GuitarPCB is not responsible for inserting your J201 converter board in backwards.


    Yep that’ll do it

    Good idea I’ll definitely order a few in my next order absolute pain trying to solder SMD components

    This’ll take that hassle away




    Barry – just read my email and saw this, and immediately went to the forum to post a positive note – you’re a genius!  Especially since the J201 certainly won’t be the only TO-92 item to disappear, and the same can be applied to those as well.  Thanks!!


    I am extremely pleased to see people start to comment on the honest value of this product idea and how I am choosing to make it available. If people start buying these up (so far so good) I will have the confidence to continue the line to include others that will fit on the same board including MPF102 and 2N5457. Additionally you will note upon receiving them they have an opposite pin out on the back side so I could even include a 2N5952 for phasers etc…

    The best part is this is SMT technology leading to our SMD boards and the biggest advantage is an amazing tolerance featuring super tight specifications across all transistors unlike the old school TO-92. So break out all of those old J201 boards and get soldering with confidence.


    I have to be honest, I sort of gave up building FET based circuits because the last few “bulk buys” of the old TO-92 type FETs yielded terrible results in terms of FET tolerance as production stashes evaporated.  I have seen other variants of this methodology out on the interweb with quite honestly mediocre implementation, but this is FAR superior and I am super excited to get my hands on some.  I am going to buy some of your J201s and eagerly look forward to 2N5457s to become part of the offering!

    Well done Barry and Viva la DIY!


    While I don’t have an immediate need for any FETs, I still ordered a couple sets yesterday when I saw the offering. “Just in case”. 😉

    Best implementation of the SMD-to-TO92 solution I’ve seen yet. Thanks Barry!


    Same. I literally just placed my order for a new Dr. Phybes board with transistors before this announcement. But I’m feeling a bit stagnant lately, so as soon as I finish this build (which is looooong promised for a friend) I’ll be revisiting some new projects. As soon as the 5457s are up let us know!

    Aaaaand it looks like I’ll be placing that order sooner than later. I just received my package (thank you Barry- you’re always SUPER quick) but in my haste I accidentally missed an update and only got (1) J113 instead of the (6) I intended on. D’OH!


    @matt – I won’t have versions of any other type for a while, especially till I see how these do.

    In the meantime you got a hand matched (by me) Quad Set for your Phaser so despite the TO-92 package it is matched for perfection and more importantly available.

    @everyone. Thanks for the support.


    And I’m super stoked. Thanks! Hopefully between now and the holiday I’ll get to work on that Phybes. It’s a duplicate of another that my buddy’s been bugging me for. Looking forward to more great things from the GPCB shop.


    This is an image of the actual boards and not a drawing.

    While the old “drawing” is technically in error they still would obviously work as Ccow mentioned.


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