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    I’m building a wah pedal for my guitar instructor.  The pedal I’m making for him has the power jack, input jack, and output jack on the front of the pedal rather than on the sides (like commercial pedals) so the pedal takes up less space on his pedal board.  In addition, I put the name of his band on the top of the pedal to personalize it for him.  I designed all the mechanical parts in Fusion 360 and used my Prusa MK3S printer to make all the parts.  The pedal isn’t done yet, but so far it looks very good.

    He asked me to put an LED on the pedal so he can see whether it is on or not, and whether it is in active or bypass mode.  Another Guitar PCB member sent me a 3PDT board to add the LED function.  Thanks Steve!

    I’m not sure I’m using the 3PDT board correctly.  I have the following questions:

      <li class=”p1″><span class=”s1″>Is the wiring diagram below using the 3PDT board correct?</span>
      <li class=”p1″>Does the wah circuit board get power from the 3PDT board or should the wah board be connected directly to the 9V input power jack?
      <li class=”p1″>Should the sleeve lugs on the input and output jacks be connected to ground on the 3PDT board instead of to the “jack’ terminals on the wah board?

    1. Is there a schematic available for the 3PDT board so I can see how it works? For example, I can’t see how lugs 4 and 7 on the footswitch get connected on the 3PDT board so the bypass mode works.

    This is only my second guitar pedal project, so if I’m being dumb, please forgive me.



    Mark VanHorne

    East Wenatchee, WA


    That all looks correct to me.


    Thanks Barry!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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