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    So I picked my son up last night from Civil Air Patrol. He is 20.

    On the way home a motorcycle with a young guy who had a helmet cam racing up on us screaming “Fucking Faggots” while driving like an absolute maniac. Speeding up on us, screaming and then breaking hard so as not to be able to see his Plates. All the while taking opportune moments to point out his helmet cam.

    I pulled quickly into the local UPS with a lot of people working outside and they took off down the road.

    I collected my thoughts and resumed heading home. I turned off the main highway to go home and I looked in the rear view mirror and the motorcycle guy was racing up on us again. At the Stop sign I rolled down the window and told him to take his drunk ass home and he threw something at my car and took off up the road the opposite way from my house.

    I took that opportunity to head home and park behind the house.

    Of course we called the police and gave them all the details we had.

    I believe that they were filming this nonsense for YouTube hits or something stupid.


    After thinking about this it is indeed a very good thing that I choose not to own a gun or I would not be here right now to type this message since I would very likely be in jail for charges of manslaughter. I know better of myself which was proven yet again last night.

    I am considering carrying cans of Bear Spray now although the odds of that happening again soon are likely slim.


    These are indeed troubled times which generates plenty of hate and seems to be giving legitimacy to the type of people who would rather hurt someone than get to know them. More importantly this is a story of how it could have all gone very wrong with all the quick decisions I had to make. One wrong decision could have easily turned into one very DARK consequence. For example it certainly crossed my mind to slam my brakes on that motorcycle with my car. Remember I had my son in the car so I had to consider that as well.

    Fortunately I appear to have made the right calls under a lot of pressure to make the wrong ones.

    Life is “Choices and Consequences”.

    Good thing it all worked out for the best. GuitarPCB is still here!


    Glad you and your son are ok, Barry. Your post raises many vital questions about humankind in the 21st century. Seems to me that the pandemic has exaggerated the best and sometimes the worst (as you point out) in our species. Good for you for not reacting inappropriately; anger only fuels more of the same. Onward and upward, my friend, and congrats on the upgraded boards and instructions. Keep going from strength to strength in these difficult times. Best, Marc


    man, folks is crazy sometimes.  glad all are in one piece.  my Dad (blue hair in the miata driving too fast 😉 used to keep a box of bb’s in the console for guys like that.  he said a handful of pennies work too.  haha.  i think i finally convinced him that wasn’t a great idea though.


    I thought you told me Altoona was a nice quiet PA country town?  Kudos for keeping your Kool!

    Big O

    A good reason to have a dash cam. We have one, but don’t use it all the time.  Too many idiots out there and social media has not helped the situation.

    Where I live there is a bicycle trail that crosses a main road that we drive on nearly every day.  There is a bicycle crossing with a button to press for flashing lights so you are alerted that someone is going to be crossing soon.  However, there are these macho guys on racing bikes that will blow through the intersection without ever looking or attempting to use the crossing button.  The speed limit on the trail is 15 mph, however these guys are flying probably going at least 25 mph.  I have seen several near misses.  If you hit one of these idiots flying through the crossing, it is your word vs. his and he is going to claim the flashing lights were activated even though they were not.  You are now guilty and his attorney is going to sue you to the limits of any policy that covers this or more.  Unless of course you have it on video.  Then he can’t refute the seeing is believing evidence.  Just another reason to have a dash cam.

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