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    I really like Barry’s 3PDT Wiring Board and use it almost exclusively in all my pedals. I really like the dual color LED feature. I also like those stompswitches that come with an LED ring around the base of the switch shaft. I found some that bi-colored and managed a quick little manipulation to get them to work with Barry’s 3PDT Wiring Board.

    NOTE: These LED-Ringed Dual Colored stompswitches require a larger drill size hole than standard stompswitches.

    Another angle . . . .

    Yes, I know pin #1 “appears” to not be soldered, but it is. 😉


    I discovered some of those not too long ago myself I think I got them from Bitches love my Switches and I like them with the wiring boards as well and that minor modification is quite easy to do.

    All together it makes for an extremely robust foot switch.


    I found those switches about a year and a half ago at Guitar Pedal Parts and did the same exact mod, even down to the red heat shrink (we must think alike), except I just took the black plastic separator off rather than slide it up.  Switches look great on a build, especially a multi-effect build.   Small Bear has them now for less than GPP, btw.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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