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    I’ve been going back through my old stuff (didn’t work, didn’t work well or just didn’t make me smile).  Project 1 – Seven years ago Barry had a BOGO on MoWahs so I snapped up a pair.  Populated both boards – one with a Whipple and the second with a Red Fasel – and put the Whipple version in a chrome Guitar Research shell I snagged on fleabay.  After reading Wilkie’s ‘The Story of a Super Modded MoWah’ I decided to mess with the Red Fasel version that had been floating around my bench for years.  After some pondering, I pulled the Whipple version from the chrome shell with a new long shaft stomp switch, a RotoTone, a 100KC gain pot, a 50KC ‘Q’ pot, and the bass boost switch.    Project 2 – While digging through my stash of stuff looking for another wah shell (everybody has a bunch of those right?) I discovered the Dunlop Hendrix Wah I grabbed off fleabay as a non-working for parts deal that worked quite nicely when I plugged it in.  Had replaced the original inductor with a Yellow Fasel and the switch with a 3PDT and added an LED as well.  At some point I disassembled this one.  Checking a much older Dunlop Wah I discovered the old thing no longer works so I transferred the Hendrix Wah guts to the old shell.  Project 3 – AKA Box of Holes.  This is the old R2G2 board I populated without paying a whole lot of attention to the build instructions.  Never got it to work (although I didn’t put a lot of thought or effort into sorting it).  A few bits had been pirated for other projects but I thought I’d take another look at it.  For some bone headed reason I had populated it as the buffered version but tried to run it through a 3PDT board.  Had also used a couple really wrong resistor values.  Replaced the pirated bits, corrected the wrong resistors and added a very old 3PDT switch from a dead-dead project.  Popped everything in the box of holes just to try it out and was shocked it works!

    Here are the faces:

    Here are the guts:

    And the control layout on the MoWah (had to adapt to the former toggle holes at the front for the pot and RotoTone):


    Thanks for sharing your results!  Well done!


    Love the mowah

    Yours looks really good much much neater than mine

    Very nice


    Very nice!

    Well done and thanks for sharing.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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