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    With the concentric, dual-gang 25K pot issue solved, I am continuing my planning for a pair of Tube Screaming Ultra PCBs in one enclosure. What I’m looking for in regards to further ‘support’, is affirmation of a concept I hope employ with this build.

    2 x Tube Screaming Ultra PCBs, 1 x 3P2T Stompswitch Wiring daughterboard and 1 x Buff-n-Blend stompswitch daughterboard. The  concept I’m considering is to wire the second Tube Screaming Ultra PCB thru the Buff-n-Blend’s “Send” & “Return” connection points, each thru additional  normally-closed switching 1/4″ jacks. So the pedal will have its normal in and out jacks, with another pair of normally-closed switching jacks for the Buff-n-Blend’s “Send” & “Return” points. That way, with nothing plugged into the “Send” & Return” jacks, the second Tube Screaming Ultra will be in parallel thru the Buff-n-Blend. And if I so choose, I can insert a different pedal into the “Send” & “Return” jacks; replacing the second Tube Screaming Ultra circuit.

    Further, I hope to add a toggle switch to swap between the Buff-n-Blend’s normally ‘parallel’ connectivity and ‘series’ for the second Tube Screaming Ultra or whatever I might have inserted into the “Send” & “Return” points.

    I haven’t fully sorted out the wiring yet but am reasonably sure it is doable. I just wanted to bounce the idea around in the forum in case I am missing something obvious and my plans are more like trying to push a chain than a solid, easily achievable layout. (The photo below shows the daughterboards reversed – I intend to reverse their positions left – to – right. This is just the layout photo I will superimpose in my Photoshop layout graphics planning.)


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