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    Here’s a wee isolation build

    Squeezed into a box slightly smaller than a 1590B

    I wired the pots rather than using board mounted so I could make some room to get it all in, used the Lumberg KLBM3 Jacks as I always do now and a small profile 3PDT

    Not the best etch on the enclosure I’ve ever done but not too bad only having to sand off 1 previous etch I wasn’t happy with

    This is a superb sounding pedal with plenty of great tones to be had once you’re used to the eq and how to use it correctly, if you haven’t built one yet do it, it is indeed a really good very versatile pedal and defintiely the best tube screamer variant I’ve played, well worthy of it’s name Tubescreamer +



    Cool. Tight squeezes can feel good when is under isolation. What specific size is that enclosure, and from where; if you please?


    From Gapco.co.uk

    Type M  111 x 60 x 30

    Their type B is 118 x 60 x 40

    So not as long or deep but almost ready to etch out of the packet with a slight brushed finish I liked the way the screw holes sit on the back but those screws were a bit of a strain to get it



    Nice job Billy. That is a versatile OD machine.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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