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    Scott Preston

    Here is the “Screaming Duo” – two Ultra Tube Screamers run in series with an Easy Order Switching Board (Toggle) between.

    For the 1st circuit I went with the stock LDO build and the 2nd circuit I went with the RTO version.  For both versions, I used an on/off/on toggle for clipping selection and a toggle at D2 to allow for switching between symmetric and asymmetric clipping when using the silicon clipping option.

    If you like Tube Screamers, you will love the Ultra and if 1 tube screamer is good then 2 has got to be better!

    This one is in GuitarPCB Orange.




    Now that’s a KILLER combo!  Well done!


    That not only is a killer combo but is a huge step up from the “Tone Of Kings” since they do not offer order switching or as many clipping options as yours does. I would love to be able to demo that.


    Well done. Bravo!


    I would like to hear results of using these in tandem and switching order. Especially concerning two different versions of the circuit.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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