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    1u* @ C2 and C7. What’s the asterisk for? I’m using electrolytic caps. Is this correct? I don’t see where the board illustrates polarity.

    D4 and D5 LEDs. How do I determine polarity based on the board symbol.

    Lastly, I’m short the 47u for C11. Can i substitute for a 10u (like the Troyer mod)?




    For the asterisks on the caps in the document: * Use a Non-polarized capacitor Film or MLCC in place of an electrolytic.

    For the diodes, check out the guides here: Beginners Guide to Components – look in the diodes section.

    And for C11, a 10µF cap should work fine. If it were me building it, I’d get closer to the 47µF value with a 33µF or 22µF.


    The board is designed for film capacitors at C2 and C7 hence the square silkscreen outline.

    All points on the board with silk-screened circles are electrolytic.

    The LED silkscreen shows a flat side which is the cathode. Remember FLAT FAT CAT = CAThode

    This information is identical for all GuitarPCB Builds.

    You can use electrolytic but we prefer to use MLCC or Film capacitors when that part of the circuit is in the Audio Path. There is a good deal of discussion on all of this in the GUIDES Section of the forum if you want to know more about components and choices commonly used in pedals. Especially the Crash Course.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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