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    Bob Matthews

    I haven’t participated in Barry’s forum here previously, but am a long-time moderator (“duhvoodooman”) over at the BYOC Forums. I recently came across the  Tube Screaming Preamp PCB and immediately had to order one. The idea of replacing the Tube Screamer’s passive tone control with with a 3-band Baxandall active EQ and a Presence control really appealed to me. Since the main thing players tend not to like about the TS circuit is that tone stage, this just makes a ton of sense. I’m surprised I had never come across this TS circuit modification before! Well done, Barry!

    I installed the circuit into a 125B enclosure with a battery clip below the footswitch and top-mounted I/O jacks to take up minimal pedalboard room. While the instructions call for a pair of LEDs for clipping, I like more options than that, so I installed a side-mounted on-off-on DPDT toggle with one of Barry’s DPDT wiring mini-boards, set up with a pair of red LED’s on one side and a 1×2 asymmetric 1N914 silicon diode array on the other side. The middle “off” position is a no-clipping “diode lift” setting.

    The powder-coated enclosure is from Tayda, and the graphics are a simple laser-printed waterslide decal. Just getting used to the expanded range of tonal control this circuit affords, and am liking what I hear so far!





    Nice Bob

    You’re obviously a bit of a pro! Looks really good I’m liking the name very clever

    It’s a great circuit, the one I built, the guy I get to test my pedals because he’s a gearhead with tons of cool expensive guitars and amps liked it over his Keeley baked mod TS808 and bought it immediately

    So I’m awaiting another pcb this time it’s all mine


    Well done Bob. Thanks for sharing all the details.


    Hi Bob,

    Nice to hear from you. I am super glad you like the circuit.
    I additionally like that you used our convenient A/B pads and DPDT wiring board to employ your own clipping options. The build looks fantastic and I am sure it fits real nice into your rig.

    Thanks for the share and I look forward to more from you.

    Bob Matthews

    Thanks, Barry. I almost missed those A/B pads! Guess I overlooked the comment about those in the instructions. Was about to wire the toggle across the board to the two D2 eyelets when I noticed the pads and saw where the traces were connecting. Handy!

    I think the only thing I might change on the pedal is the gain, which is a bit higher than I like. I may change R5 to a 2K2 and decrease C4 to 470n to keep the bass rolloff knee at about the same frequency.

    Big O

    Welcome duhvoodooman!  Thanks for all your help over the years on the BYOC board.  Your input on my pedal builds over there have been very helpful and appreciated.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your builds over here!


    Bruce R

    I was not super active on BYOC, but occasionally posted in Buy/Sell/Trade. I definitely remember duhvoodooman. That is a really sharp looking build, BYOC-style knobs and all! Good job!


    I’m happy to see other folks that like Barry’s circuits.  That Baxandall tone circuit was introduced by GUITARPCB as the ToneTwEQ stand alone back in 2015.  It rapidly became a favorite add-on for many pedal designs.  Now, many circuits benefit by replacing their tone stacks.  Mr. Baxandall would be pleased.

    Another heartfelt welcome to duhvoodooman!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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