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    I’m at work at the moment it’s still fairly difficult to see but definitely better maybe draw your 3PDT on some paper with each wire colour where it connects to on the 3PDT lugs and where it goes to eg IN T pad, ground etc

    Just to double check you know your 3PDT lugs should be horizontal





    Here is the layout of my switches and the voltage with the depth and speed settings as requested above.


    Wiring looks OK not 100% on the Kill switch whether the signal would follow the path of least resistance so I’d jumper it across from one side to the other lug 2 to 8 and leave the middle pole empty less chance of a dry joint

    If you look at the schematic A and B would connect bypassing the LFO and sending signal back up to Q2 and OUT so I’m not totally sure if the jumpers you have would affect it in some way by connecting lug 5 to 4 as well I didn’t put the Kill switch option on my build so can’t really say

    What Voltage readings did you get on the top and bottom of R7

Viewing 3 posts - 18 through 20 (of 20 total)
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