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    I have a snarling dogs od/distortion. It’s chinese, but one of the totally sturdiest builds I’ve ever seen. I would like to add a little fuzz and blend it in. I was thinking bazz fuzz or similar small circuit.

    This pedal has a tone pot with a tone bypass switch, would probably be easy to route the bypass to a fuzz.

    Big question is where in the circuit should I wire the fuzz, other question is any suggestions on a simplified Big Muff style sounding fuzz circuit?



    I’d recommend a pretty small circuit unless you’re rehousing this whole project. That said, look through the shop, the GBOF is a super versatile board with a lot of fuzzes available with low part counts. Maybe a One Knob Fuzz for something more… spelled out if you will. Depends on how deep you want to go.


    We would need a schematic, several very clear gutshots and complete specifics of the Wiring code used throughout the pedal before suggesting a potential Wiring Guide.

    True Blending would be much more complex as you would need to wire it in parallel with the original circuit and determine the Phase of the original circuit. A series off/on Wiring would be easier by comparison.

    An easier, actual Muff circuit would be the Opamp version we call the BMPOA. If you are just looking for a simple Fuzz with one control then as Matt suggested try the One Knob Fuzz.

    Before committing to the original plan you might just want to try building your own combo pedal from start to finish especially if you are a total noob as you say. There is a combo guide located on the Guides Page and plenty of excellent circuits to choose from, the Wiring of each circuit is known, schematics are available and a much higher chance of success without a “troubleshoot” scenario.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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