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    The Tone TwEQ PCB I received from Pedal Parts Australia is labelled “Super Tone TwEQ v1 2020” and the layout differs from the “v1” board shown in the build document. Are there any differences I should be aware of in terms of populating the board etc?

    For example:

    • C8 is listed in the build doc as a 47u cap but appears with different markings on the Super board (i.e. polarity);
    • There are pads for two ICs (IC1 and IC2–my kit included a single 8-pin IC) and pads for (I’m guessing) a dual-gang pot labelled “mid-fq”
    • There are more pads for caps and resitors

    Apples vs apples, carry on? Or is something amiss?

    Big O

    Is the Super Tone TwEQ v1 maybe a PCB that has not been introduced on this site?  It might have been a premature release of a new board and it definitely departs from the original Tone TwEQ in that it has 2 IC’s, not one like the original.  I don’t find a Super Tone TwEQ board or document anywhere on this site.

    Barry will have to answer this one.



    Yah that is just a bit premature.

    I sent those to him for hold until ready.

    Unfortunately you have soldered resistors to it already. I will write Pedal Parts Australia and let him know.

    I guess the cat is out of the bag?



    If the cat is out of the bag, is it OK to make comments on the SuperToneTwEQ?


    Michael – I’d remove those resistors for the time being and halt further population of that PCB. The “Tone TwEQ” and the “Super Tone TwEQ” are NOT the same build. Seems you have the build docs for the “Tone TwEQ”, but you have somehow gotten a “Super Tone TwEQ” PCB.


    Thanks for clarifying. Fortunately not soldered yet so I can pull these resistors out and refer back to Pedal Parts Australia for directions forward.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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