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    Bought this board when they first came out.  Changed plans more times than I can remember before finally deciding to finish it up.  Got it all assembled but the darn thing wouldn’t vibe and my multimeter decided to take early retirement so trouble shooting devolved to swapping parts with a working Dr. Phybes.  Swapped the transistors and the phaser phases happily but the Vibe won’t vibe, swapped the ICs and again the phaser phases happily but the vibe still don’t Vibe.  Then I noticed the Dr. Phybes had an extra ground connection The Vibe didn’t.  Heat up the iron, little bit of wire, a touch of solder and we have vibe!

    Here’s the box (a reclaimed 125B):

    And the guts:

    I really like the 45/90 switch but next time will wire that from the bottom of the board to make things neater.  The Dr. Phybes that was so kind to share parts with this one will be getting a 45/90 switch soon.



    I am glad you got it working.

    I notice that the wiring diagram doesn’t show the extra mandatory ground wire and I think it should. I will fix that. There are notes in the build doc pointing to using both ground pads on the Vibe.

    Right below the main schematic image on page 2 is this:

    Build Notes: *There are (​two ground pads​), G & GND.​​Both ground pads must be wired to ground​ for the circuit to function​. ​Connect both directly to the power supply ground for optimal ​noise free performance​.

    Anyway I wanted to mention that so other folks did not think the ground pad was literally missing.


    Barry, if I hadn’t waited three years between populating the board and boxing it that extra ground wouldn’t have been an issue (and I wouldn’t have this big red palm print on my forehead).

    It could be the purpose of my life is to serve as a warning to others.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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