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    It says that it’s “inspired” by the Marshall Super Lead series amps.

    No, it’s a ProCo Rat.

    I can’t believe I didn’t see that right away, but I was thrown off by the odd OpAmp choice and the multiple clipping diode sections. It was only after building it that I realized it really didn’t do the “brown sound” at all, but sounded more like a high-gain 80’s distortion…round and round. Then it dawned on me when I started doing some circuit mods:   it’s just a modded Rat. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, unless you didn’t want to build a Rat. In fact, if you want to build a Rat, this PCB works pretty well. You could even put the extra clipping diodes on a switch and have a very versatile “Super Rat”…but it’s not going to give you the brown sound.

    If you want the Marshall brown sound, the Plexi-Plus PCB is a much better option. It’s basically a modded Wampler Pinnacle.


    Hi Joey.

    The SuperLead is based on the BJFEDynaRed. I have been selling this circuit for 12 years and is no secret that the Dyna is based on a Rat topology especially to BJFE. (Google)

    That said…


    You will note the ADs from the BearfootFXsite for the BJFEcommercial pedal:

    Product Description

    THEE Classic British Rawk tones. Period. Plexi/JTM, really anything this side of the ’80s.

    Dyna Red Distortion 3-Knob = Plexi…JTM…BRITISH!


    While I get that it is cool that you noticed it is similar in topology to a Rat that does not mean it is a Rat and I can produce Van Halen like tones with this circuit (see demo). There are also tons of videos of the commercial version that play convincing Van Halen style tones. If you do not like it then that is your prerogative however I and hundreds of other builders love it.

    I did not design the circuit. I simply made a great circuit available to DIYers.

    I am going to advertise it based on the commercial version ADs and demos. Not, “A pedal circuit with Rat based topology that doesn’t sound exactly like our RATT” because that sounds lame.

    Check out this portion of the video demo:

    I already sell a superior Ratt circuit. They certainly do not sound the same side by side.


    I dunno. IMO: the choice of using the CA3130 (which is a OTA with a much higher slew-rate [@ 10V/µs] than the Rat’s 308 opamp [@ 0.3V/µs]) tends to suggest that the Super Lead OD is an extremely modified Rat circuit. And while the Super Lead OD does resemble a Rat’s topology, the tone sections are not the same.

    Much also depends on the guitar and amp used as well.


    While I have never used a RAT, so I have no ability to comment on its similarities, I can get this to sound nearly identical to my Dual Super Lead amplifier, from Crunch to Ultra 2.  Yes, it is higher gain. Yes, if you want a classic rock sound get the PlexiPlus, or the KOTB, or the BluesBuster….they all sound great, but it is definitely inspired by the super lead, IMHO.

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