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    Homage to the “Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers” . . . . .


    This was just a fun little project that came to me when I found one of my old Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers comics. I used cheap black paint and let it run to keep in the vein of the chaos that ensued with most everything the Freak Brothers did.

    Each is housed tightly into a 1590B enclosure with top-mounted jacks. A surprising quartet of pedal circuits for having a bit of fun with.

    The “Fat Fuzzy<b>” is a GuitarPCB ‘BMP Opamp’ with a simple clipping mod. An opamp version of the famous Big Muff circuit.

    The “Freewheelin’ Fuzz” is a GuitarPCB ‘Angry Llama’, akin to the Way Huge ‘Red Llama’ circuit.

    The “Phreak Phuzz” is a GuitarPCB ‘FzzzBxxx’ – Leslie West, James Gang & Deep Purple style fuzz circuit. Unlike the the fuzzes of the ’60’s, and yet this still cleans up well with a twist of the guitar volume pot.

    The ” Fat Cat Chorus” is a modified (Depth Range switch) GuitarPCB ‘Mini-Me’ chorus styled after the original Small Clone circuit. (Can’t leave out Fat Freddy’s Cat. But being a cat, I though he called for a modulation circuit instead of a dirt circuit.)




    Hope you enjoyed the post. Now to have some fun with these.



    Big O

    The SA Fzzz Bxxx was used in the James Gang (post Joe Walsh) and Deep Purple MkIV version by the guitarist in those groups at that time, none other than Tommy Bolin.  Also was used by Bolin on the album Moxy by the Canadian rock group Moxy as they lost their lead guitar player right before recording and borrowed another guitar player that happened to be in the same studio at the time in order to lay down some tasty lead lines on the record.

    I remember the first time I heard the Moxy album, which was right after listening to “Come Taste the Band” album by Deep Purple that my college friend decided to play for me.  I remarked at the time it sort of sounded like the same lead guitar sound on both albums.  However, Bolin was not credited on the Moxy album.  It was only years later that my ears were proven right when I read an article about Bolin that said he played on the Moxy album.  I was not surprised that my listening ears were validated.

    Some have said that this pedal can act as a treble booster and it has something like 40dB of boost on tap.



    Big O

    Forgot to add – love the themed graphics.  Sort of a rising sun motif surrounding a cartoonish character.  Simple but eye catching.

    I just finished some designs for future pedal builds and am trying to keep things more simple design-wise.  Sometimes less is more.



    BigO – thanks for the kudos and info. Barry pretty much says the same thing about the original artist’s use of the FzzzBxxx in the build doc. And yes, up to about 40db boost.

    I went all ‘fancy’ on these graphics for the comic book kick. After all . . . .  “Solder will get you thru times of no money better than money will get you thru times of no solder.” 😉

    Paul Eliasson

    These are too cool. I remember when you drafted the wrappers for these and wondered whenb they’d come to life!


    Very nice all around. Thanks for sharing!

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