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    I don’t think I’m spoiling anything since it went out in the email blast, it’s on Facebook and it’s in the title of the newest bundle sale. I’m completely stoked for the 2019 combo contest! This brings out the absolute best in everyone’s creativity and I’m routinely blown away by the things I see people come up with. I’ve entered twice and each time I’ve built and scrapped more than one idea on my way to submission. It’s so much fun and so consuming it’s unlike anything else I’m involved in. Thank you, Barry for hosting us and inspiring us to dream big and push our builds to new and sometimes ludicrous heights. I already have some ideas kicking around. I pretty much took 2018 off due to my move so I’m raring to go.


    Yes indeed I have been working up to the announcement for a while.

    I will make an official announcement as soon as we have all the particulars together.

    I think this should be special event as we are celebrating 10 successful years doing things just a little differently than the rest by using our own creativity to build the most amazing and useful combos. The more tonal options you can put in a single enclosure the better and indeed you are truly creating your own unique circuit design and what is cooler than that?

    For those looking to enter the fray I am currently offering an inspirational Bundle.

    Those will sell out pretty soon the way it is progressing.

    My first hand etched board design just over 10 years ago: Not much larger than your finger nail.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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