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    Scott Preston

    So, I decided to build the new SuperLead OD circuit during the Superbowl.  Turns out the SuperLead OD circuit is A LOT more exciting than this year’s Superbowl.

    The SuperLead is a great addition to anybody’s lineup and I really dig the range of Gain available.  It certainly captures that dimed Marshall sound.

    I find that the longer I’m building pedals, the slower I go.  The more time I take on each solder joint, getting the wires the right length without too much excess but enough play, actually waiting a few days to touch a freshly painted enclosure, double checking parts before soldering, etc.  Going slower prolongs the process (which it turns out means more enjoyment – assuming you enjoy soldering, hooking up wire and drilling/finishing enclosures) and also improves results.

    This build, I had the circuit, all off-board wiring and enclosure drilled (I needed the enclosure drilled to install the pots as I used right angle pots) and populated all during the somewhat Superbowl.  The only part I didn’t finish was the enclosure finish.

    The enclosure graphic is actually one that Barry shared a while ago and I though it worked well with a Marshall style OD.

    It was fun to build this great circuit in an afternoon and it has been even more fun to play the SuperLead OD.




    A great pedal and even GREATER words of wisdom!  Patience when building means fewer mistakes and less troubleshooting.  Well done!

    Scott Preston

    patience = fewer patients



    This is excellent and thank you for posting!

    I also want to assure you that while people seem to be shy around here for the moment about posting I can tell you my site analytics definitely show people are looking. So thanks again and if you are just a lurker, time to throw out some “atta boys”.

    Barry W Davis

    Tidy, nice looking pedal

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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