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    Hi guys,

    Hoping someone might be able to help me troubleshoot this Super Tone TwEQ I just finished… it powers on and the footswitch toggles with the LED but I’m not getting anything through to the amp (it’s sitting directly between guitar and amplifier with nothing else in the chain).

    I measured (with a multimeter) to cross-check all of the resistors before soldering in place so I’m pretty sure they’re good but I am wondering about the capacitors at C5 and C6 (what I’ve installed should be the 5.6nf ceramic caps). Wiring continuity throughout the board seems good. I’m not sure what else to check (or how–i.e. voltages??).

    Help! (tia)


    looks real clean, you can’t be far from right.  check your output jack.  i think you have it reversed.


    Switch the output jack wiring at the Output Jack.

    Switch the two wires Violet and White on the Output Jack. Right now you have White going to the Output Jack Tip but it is coming from Ground on the Main Board. The Violet wire is on the Sleeve Lug but needs to be on the Output Jack Tip.

    So switch them at the Jack.

    The Input Jack looks good.


    Swapped the output jack wires and sorted–phew! Thanks guys for the help! 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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