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    Rudolf Schmidl

    This circuit I started in fall 2018. I´ve been inspired by Wilkie1´s Super 70´s PLUS. First I wanted to use a Baxandell Active Tone Filter but then I spotted the ToneTwEQ. Cause the enclosure already has been drilled, I decided to mount the additional foot switch between Fuzz and Boost. Furthermore I installed a diode clipping board like Wilkie1 and took the schematic from Tonmann´s Guide.

    Testing the pedal nothing worked correctly, so I put it aside and a couple of days later my mother pass away so I lost sight of the pedal.

    This year, before the end of june, I started building my Disturbance. So I wanted to finish the Super Drive 70´s too. First I spotted the soldering points I scared myself. They looked like they are ancient. The answer was – the time I ordered solder at Musikding the 1mm has been out of stock so I bought 0,5mm. Because this one had been too thin to my mind I took a roll 1mm solder I found a few days ago in the cellar. It has been from my childhood and over 45 years old. But it works.

    It just took 2 minutes to locate the mistake. I mixed on the 4PDT Easy Order Switching Board Tip and Sleeve at the output side. Now everything is working fine except a small problem with the diode clippin board. But therefor I will open a topic in the support section.


    Well done!  I congratulate you for your patience.

    Vero boards often give me trouble as well.  It is so easy to miss a trace cut or a bad solder point.  Sometimes I even short two rows together!  Carefully examine the board for those types of errors.


    That is so awesome!

    Thanks for sharing.


    Lotta great wiring in there. Great job!

    Barry W Davis

    Looks fantastic!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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