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    Hello everyone, it is my first post here, it is not my first build (i’ve been building my modular and some pedals since a few years) but I’m not very good in electronics, I try to follow the the instructions as fine as possible, strangely I’ve had more trouble building pedals than modules.

    Anyway, I finished yesterday the build and I certainly got something wrong. I checked the on-on-on switch and it seems to be well wired, the welds seem also to be ok. The bypass works and the red led lights when the effect is engaged but I have no sound. Here are some pics of the build. Hope someone will see the problem 🙂


    Thanks everyone!



    As noted clearly in photo #2, the “BO” wire on the 3PDT Stompswitch wiring board is connected to the main PCB’s ground on the main PCB “Out” pads. Note the “T” on the silkscreen at the output pads on the main PCB. That “T” stands for “Tip”. The other pad next to the “T” point is the ground connection.


    Hi! indeed that was the problem, didn’t expect to be that simple haha. Thought the T was for model T… thanks again!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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