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    I actually considered the finishing job on the enclosure a fail because I was shooting for a much more vivid reflective surface from the chromed enclosure. However, I found some NOS knobs that made up for the lackluster enclosure finish. I believe they salvaged the final look of it and I actually like it now. I originally planned for a bright, shiny finish with no-skirt small MXR-style knobs with mirror-finished aluminum centers.

    The circuit aspect of the build is flawless as are Barry’s PCBs. Hard to go wrong with any of them. In this build, I initially did it up completely stock and tested it out. Sounded great! Then as I was working on the enclosure, I saw Florian’s builds of the same Sunn-T PCB build and saw how he had achieved what I was targeting for the “look” of my own pedal. I also noted his preamp resistor mods.

    After completing the stock build, I went back in and tacked a 300K Ω resistor to R1 & R2 in parallel to drop those to the 56K Ω value and tacked a 33K Ω across R4 & R8 to bring them to 560 Ω. After firing it up and giving a careful listen, I was pleased at the slight, yet noticeable change. This mod seems to allow the settings to get into the “break-up” zone at somewhat lower settings. I don’t have a scope and could not measure headroom, but I’ve decided to keep the mod as I like getting into the distortion zone earlier in the Normal & Brite gain settings. And it still cleans up nicely.

    I gigged with it last Thursday night and it rocks well with both my Strat and acoustic. I plan on building another almost exactly the same, but the next one will have a second stomp switch that will engage (or disengage) a J113 buffer just before the master volume control. There is plenty of volume on tap with this Sunn-T build, but I think a 12db boost right now from the same pedal could be useful.

    Anyway, here the photos and commensurate gutshot . . .

    The Photoshop planned enclosure (everything ‘white’ was supposed to be buffed chrome) . . .


    The actual end enclosure result . . . (The indicator LED is subterranean, beneath the decal. I flattened the tip of the LED with a mill file so it would not protrude above the surface of the aluminum and allow the decal to lay flat there.)


    Finally, the gutshot . . .


    Simply lovely.   I think you are getting more like me in  that I spend far more time on the enclosure and graphics that I do on the electronics.  But, after all, this is all the real world actually sees!  It’s hard to improve on the sounds from one of Barry’s pedal boards, so most of us just work on the candy wrapper.

    Great job!


    I actually think it’s one of your best I really like the look it turned out really nice


    Really nice and detailed. You really made it look like an “amp in a box”! THAT”S what I really need to work on…graphics. All my builds are simply powder coated or painted enclosures w/ various colored knobs. Of course, always enjoy the gut shots and your detailed building notes as well. Inspiring.


    Excellent job on everything. Thanks for sharing the whole story with us. I am glad that the pedal served you well on the job.

    Scott Preston

    Nice build Mark, I really dig your graphics and I agree with Wilkie (“spending more energy on enclosure finish” AND “hard to improve on Barry’s boards”).  Also agree with Billy, the Sunn T is a very useful/versatile circuit.  Works well at low and high levels and sounds good on every amp I’ve tried (ok, I don’t have many amps).



    That looks awesome! I’m afraid to dive into the whole graphics and finish thing. My OCD is already in overdrive when it comes the guts. I don’t want to start “tweaking” on the whole outside of the pedal, too. Love the pre drilled and powder coated enclosures from Mammoth!

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