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    I’m making a new series of Slideshow movies to “Show Off” GuitarPCB builds for 2020. I want you to submit your most recent GuitarPCB builds right here and win a Free Surprise Gift, minimum value $6.95.

    A Free Surprise Gift is available to all Members who submit their build in this thread. This includes our International friends and I am covering the postage. The more comprehensive your submission the larger your accumulated prize.

    There is a 10MB upload limit when posting. Resize Photos for Forum Threads.

    1 prize per member. Everybody wins.


    1. The 2020 Showoff Awards start now and ends Jan. 24th 2020. Only Members can post.
    2. For obvious advertising reasons GuitarPCB builds only.
    3. Three unique submissions allowed per member for your total accumulated prize consideration.
    4. Since I need new material for the Slideshow. Do not submit anything previously posted to GuitarPCB.com
    5. Prize accumulation also considered for using Mod Boards such as 3PDT Wiring Boards, Tone TwEQ, 2 Knob Job, DPDT Mod Wiring, Easy Order Switching 3PDT, Easy Order Switching 4PDT, After Blaster etc.
    6. If your Build makes our new 2020 Showoff Slideshow I will add your name to the credits.
    7. Final Prize potential accumulation value (up to $35.00) will be determined by me based upon your entries.
    8. Moderator Entries welcome.


    Submission Tips:

    1. Tell us about your build. Describe all of the features.
    2. Upload clear photos. If your photos do not upload they are exceeding my 10MB limit.
    3. Upload Gut Shots as well as Top photos. Stay within the 10MB limit though.
    4. Upload a YouTube Video if you have one. (Accumulated prize for YouTube Demos)
    5. Combo Builds are very welcome so let’s see them. (Accumulated prize for Combo Builds)
    • Remember you have a chance to accumulate your Prize with up to three submissions.
    • Accumulated Prize will be mailed in a single shipment.
    • I will contact you for your pertinent info shortly after Jan. 25th 2020.
    • Every Member with a submission regardless of geographical location wins a Prize.

    GuitarPCB retains the right to use any or all submissions for advertising purposes.


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