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    I’m making a new series of Slideshow movies to “Show Off” GuitarPCB builds for 2020. I want you to submit your most recent GuitarPCB builds right here and win a Free Surprise Gift, minimum value $6.95.

    A Free Surprise Gift is available to all Members who submit their build in this thread. This includes our International friends and I am covering the postage. The more comprehensive your submission the larger your accumulated prize.

    There is a 10MB upload limit when posting. Resize Photos for Forum Threads.

    1 prize per member. Everybody wins.


    1. The 2020 Showoff Awards start now and ends Jan. 24th 2020. Only Members can post.
    2. For obvious advertising reasons GuitarPCB builds only.
    3. Three unique submissions allowed per member for your total accumulated prize consideration.
    4. Since I need new material for the Slideshow. Do not submit anything previously posted to GuitarPCB.com
    5. Prize accumulation also considered for using Mod Boards such as 3PDT Wiring Boards, Tone TwEQ, 2 Knob Job, DPDT Mod Wiring, Easy Order Switching 3PDT, Easy Order Switching 4PDT, After Blaster etc.
    6. If your Build makes our new 2020 Showoff Slideshow I will add your name to the credits.
    7. Final Prize potential accumulation value (up to $35.00) will be determined by me based upon your entries.
    8. Moderator Entries welcome.


    Submission Tips:

    1. Tell us about your build. Describe all of the features.
    2. Upload clear photos. If your photos do not upload they are exceeding my 10MB limit.
    3. Upload Gut Shots as well as Top photos. Stay within the 10MB limit though.
    4. Upload a YouTube Video if you have one. (Accumulated prize for YouTube Demos)
    5. Combo Builds are very welcome so let’s see them. (Accumulated prize for Combo Builds)
    • Remember you have a chance to accumulate your Prize with up to three submissions.
    • Accumulated Prize will be mailed in a single shipment.
    • I will contact you for your pertinent info shortly after Jan. 25th 2020.
    • Every Member with a submission regardless of geographical location wins a Prize.

    GuitarPCB retains the right to use any or all submissions for advertising purposes.


    Erik Petersen

    Red Special with Floral Etched enclosure.


    May I refer you to my most recent project that Barry posted a week ago?

    It is entitled “The Super Modded MoWAH”



    Tempted to submit my most recent but hooooooly crap is it ugly!

    Actually, why the heck not… just to prove that you don’t have to be good to actually make something that sounds good!

    This is my Nuclear Rodent, my take on the concept of the EQD/Sunn 0)))) Life Pedal. It’s very much a prototype and that’s the excuse I’m sticking to. It’s an Emerald Ring into a RATT Deluxe on a Buff N’ Blend circuit into a Stage 3 boost.

    The pedal originally had a pair of Order Switcher PCBs in it, but I was having problems getting them to work – which I now assume is due to a ground wiring issue that persisted throughout the entire build. I had (and still have) an issue with wiring the wrong wires to the wrong pads and having to desolder and rewire massive portions of the pedal due to, well, my lack of attention and care, which is something I’m trying to work on. But in the end I persisted and wound up with a functional, if not pretty, multi-feature pedal!

    Here’s a demo video. Just as sloppy as my playing. Of note, I am running this into a GuitarPCB Sunn-T preamp, which I absolutely love!

    Barry W Davis

    I love that I can plug this into my ’65 Twin Reverb RI and have the best of both worlds!


    Not the prettiest builds of a Fuzzy Bee & 4 Track Fuzz but they sound wonderful! I used whatever paint I had on hand for the enclosures, with the 4 Track Fuzz gray mimicking the color of my Tascam 424.

    The horrendous wiring has since been fixed, other photos are in the troubleshooting post I made for this (it was a problem with my power supplies and had nothing to do with the pcb)

    I don’t have a youtube video but an instagram video promoting my series of soundscapes on my bandcamp. Most of them use the Fuzzy Bee and this video was even liked by Pete Townshend (blue check mark and all) which made my year.  Here is the link https://www.instagram.com/p/B6oX5nbl6Zo/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

    Full track is here: https://jeffbrown1.bandcamp.com/music the 8 tracks with roman numerals are the soundscape tape loop series and are free/name your price.


    Here’s my latest fuzz using a Bonamassa transistor set and the current PUFF board.  Graphic is a simple heat transfer on a slightly sanded 1590B.  Really nice, buttery fuzz.

    The face:

    The guts:



    This board set around partially populated for … well a very long time. Decided to start methodically clearing the hurricane debris pile that is my work bench before I start buying new boards – I’ve not quite kept to that plan. I can tell it’s there – just barely – but I like that it’s there. 1590B painted with a Chrysler metallic blue, knobs are from LMS and simple labeling is craft stamps with an acrylic clear coat.

    The box:

    The guts:



    I have three builds to submit. The first one is a Sriracha Fuzz. Great sounding fuzz! I end up drilling a little close to the top but got the board in nicely by bending the transistors over. Using alcohol ink, I was trinng to get a dripping chilli sauce effect but it ALWAYS ended up looking like blood, haha!! Thus was born, the Murder One Fuzz. This one also as an epoxy top coat.

    Second one is the awesome Sunn Model T!!!! Nothing fancy here, with Dymo labels on a silver powder coated box. I might revisit this one and see if it needs some tweaking.

    The third and final build is the Ancestral Apparition. I use this combined with  my amp’s reverb for some extra ambience. I also used alcohol ink on this one to achieve the ghostly figure.

    Thanks for looking and thanks to Barry for giving the opportunity to show off some builds!

    Cheers, Jason.


    Here is a tip for anyone who wants a last minute idea for decorating their enclosures without the need for Lacquer. Especially for those that live in apartments during the winter. It holds up well and looks great. If you you want to use lacquer by all means have at it. I have 5 pedals currently in a sunlit Jam room for the last 3-4 years and they still look great.

    Tip: Allow curing time of at least 24-48 hours for the Inkjet Ink before applying several light coats of Armour All. If it is properly cured the Ink will not run. Ask any auto body worker how much they hate over spray of Armor All when they are trying to repaint a car. Suffice to say they hate it because it makes the paint harder to remove.

    For more tips like this be sure to join us on Facebook.

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