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    I loved the sound of the sabotage demo and I like the SHO demos I’ve heard, so I figured I’d try them out in a combo. Mostly just to try it and to gain an understand for how-to build combos.

    These were built completely stock, with an order switcher built into the box.

    After the issue with the mosfet on the SHO’Nuff, I had zero issues with the rest of the build. I’ve only been able to test it through my Sansamp BDDI, but it sounds good. No hisses, pops, but crackle OK (ha!!!).

    • When I switch the order, I get a little a little hiss in one direction but not the other. I’ll try it through my little champ later and I am sure I’ll be able to dial in some good sounds. It will be a VERY different gain staging than my normal MoRC –> MKC, something to mess around with – there is definitely that Sabbath crunchiness to the sound, the boost actually rounds it out a bit. A lot of gain on both of these circuits! Need to paint the housing next. LEDs are orange and yellow to match the knobs 😁



    Nice Michael


    Looks well laid out and nicely constructed


    Just in case I’d use a small croc clip as a heatsink and solder 1 transistor leg into each socket so there’s no chance of them falling out when it’s upside down or banged about


    You’re hiss could be a number of things here’s an article about possible causes



    I think the hiss is just the boost boosting the already insane gain in the dist->boost direction, but I will look into it. Thanks.


    I agree it is a simple matter of testing the gain and making a few minor potentiometer adjustments. When working with circuits in tandem I think a good saying is “just because it goes to 10 doesn’t mean it should”, especially for any guitarists that would not concern themselves with such things.

    What a fantastic build. Well executed on the inside & out and should make a great combo for any rig. That is the kind of combo I would take to a local Jam Night and let all the players have a go at it. I would call that the “puppy dog sell” and then take orders to fund your hobby. I have certainly done it.

    I would add that Billy’s link is a great source of info that is so often overlooked.


    Yeah, I really like the sounds that come out of it. I hope to build a KOT- style combo soon, but I am still figuring out this whole combo layout (and pedal layout in general, ha!). As you can see the order switching and SHO’Nuff boards are populated upside down compared to the others, and I didn’t want to desolder the switches to make them right. Next time… I cannot stress how good that SHO’Nuff circuit sounds. I don’t really need a compressor on my board, and this SHO’ Nuff booster in combination with a MKC or Bluesbreaker style OD with a few clipping options would be about the only grit I would find myself needing for most of my stuff. I just wanted to try a distortion pedal out (got a Ratt Deluxe build in the works too.

    I think the Sabotage has a HUGE gain range. I might lower the gain through the first stage a little in my combo, since I am pushing it with a booster. I’m not good with the whole biasing thing.


    ok, I found that the slight amount of hiss is coming from the sabotage board. I kind of expect that as it has six huge gain stages. Ive only been running this into my headphones so it is likely a lower noise floor than my Champ. This combo kicks so much butt. I stand by my statement that the overall gain in the sabotage could stand to come down a bit, since I am pushing it with the booster. Insane distortion, at some point it goes from ultra creamy to fuzzed out mess. Play with the knobs until it suits you. Ridiculous range of sounds out of this circuit.

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